Grandparents Visit

Posted by Adam on April 12, 2014
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Jen’s parents came to visit.  We all went to dinner the first day they were here (at Cheesecake Factory–per the kids’ request), but everyone came to see me at work first.  All three kids were very enamored with my stamps.

Caroline wanted to be in charge.



Becca had her big program at school where she got the be the queen. Both grandmas contributed to the fancy queen outfit.

Back at City Creek another day playing in the fountain before dinner.

And ice cream after dinner.

Everyone but me made it to This is the Place Heritage Park.  Still baby animals running around.



Baby Animals!

Posted by Jennifer on April 6, 2014
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We went to This is the Place Heritage Park to see the baby animals.  All the kids loved the little animals, but Caroline was definitely the most enthusiastic–especially about the baby chicks.

If a tiny chicken could look panicked, this one would be doing it!

Also rode the horses.  Caroline calls then “big dogs” (making the best or her vocabulary!).

Henry cared about the skid loader as much as the animals.

We also went to the birds of prey show.  The kids were again super interested, but Caroline was very very intent on getting up close.  I ended up having to take her out–apparently little kids are too close to food-sized to let them get close.

Becca joined us after she got done at a birthday party–so we had to go back to the chicks.



Natural History Museum

Posted by Adam on March 30, 2014
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Becca was at a birthday party and Caroline was napping; per Henry’s choice, we went to the Natural History Museum (after a few minutes of building legos).  The girls met us there after the birthday party was over.

All they really cared about was getting to the chocolate exhibit and buying “chocolate frogs”.

We spent a long time in the chocolate gift shop, but we eventually got our chocolate frogs (which are really just plain ol’ chocolate, but shaped like tiny frogs).

Finally eating the chocolate frogs once we made it out the museum proper and to the little cafe area.


Miriam Comes to Visit

Posted by Jennifer on March 23, 2014
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My aunt Miriam came to visit for the weekend and took Becca and Henry to the kids symphony at Abravanel Hall.

Adam and Caroline had to occupy themselves while we were at the symphony.

Looking over the street on the pedestrian bridge at City Creek.

Looking at the fish (and trying to touch the fish) in the stream in the shopping center.

Lunch and then ice cream.

We met up with Adam and Caroline after the symphony for ice cream; Caroline was okay with having ice cream again a half hour later.

Caroline took a real liking to Miriam–even sharing her ice cream with her.

After ice cream, we went to the park to try out new kites.  The kites were supposed to be Easter gifts, but the kids found them.


The kids did a lot of arguing about who would hold what kites, but in the end I think the kids’ experience was a lot like fishing–sounds like a ton of excitement, but is really just a lot of standing around.  They did have a good time and we got the kites up in the air for real.


Dr. Seuss Days

Posted by Jennifer on March 13, 2014
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Becca had Dr. Seuss week at school.  Caroline thought it was pretty funny.

Henry didn’t get much Dr. Seuss, but we did go to the natural history museum with one of Henry’s friends.

Caroline did a good job making scary dinosaur faces.



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