4th of July

Posted by Adam on July 13, 2014
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Only July 3rd we went up to see friends in Bountiful and walk over to the fireworks at Eaglewood Country Club.  All good fun, except for the getting home at midnight.

On the morning of the Fourth, we went to the annual neighborhood breakfast.  Getting out the door at all was no small feat after going to bed after midnight the previous night.

Did the giant slip n’ slide courtesy of the SLC fire department.

Rode the finely-decorated scooters in the bike parade.

And this is what happens when no one gets enough sleep.

Beccas was still too tempted by the iPad to take a much-needed nap.

Also went to a 4th of July party put on by some friends in the neighborhood.

Caroline had picked out certain fireworks that she wanted us to light off.

Sparklers too.

And tanks.

And…all the kids were asleep before the big fireworks started that night.



Grandma Trish Comes to Visit

Posted by Adam on July 9, 2014
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My mom came to visit for a few days just prior to the 4th of July.  Long story, but she rode out here with her sister (my aunt Pam) from Sidney, NE out to Logan.  My mom, my aunt, my cousin Nicole and her fiance Kyle all made it down to SLC.  Went to dinner.  Played legos.

Kyle (the fiance) was apparently the chosen one by Caroline.  She cozied right up to him.

My cousin Nicole and little Becca.

We went up the canyon with Grandma to roast marshmallows.  Caroline really wanted to help.  Also Caroline really wanted to do her marshmallow roasting absolutely by herself.

Also made it to the park.

Made it to the kids museum at Thanksgiving Point.  Caroline loves the water activities.

And of course made it to This is the Place to (1) ride ponies and (2) pan for gold.  As usual.

My mom also helped them decorate their scooters for the bike parade on the 4th.

The kids looked really cute in the matching outfits that Jen’s mom sent them.  Caroline was very possessive of her dress–she’ll pick it up and bring it to either Jen or me and say “mine!”.

I love Summertime

Posted by Jennifer on June 20, 2014
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We had a popsicle picnic at the park.

Henry called Caroline “Captain Caroline” steering the ship while swimming.

Becca thought the indoor pool was pretty fun too.

Caroline loves to grin big for the camera.

We also went to the fake beach here a a few times I think because we miss the real beach in North Carolina.

And a little old fashion water fun in the grass.


A little swimming at our friends’ house.

Henry has been SO happy to start swim lessons.


Even Izzy has gotten some relatively cool days at the park for her favorite activity–frisbee.





Posted by Adam on June 13, 2014
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Somehow the kids convinced me to go to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday.  They were really happy about it.  Henry has a gambling streak.  Caroline pretty much ran around the whole time we were there.

The pizza was really not very good, but the kids were satisfied.



This Is The Place

Posted by Adam on June 10, 2014
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We went to the This is the Place Heritage Park–mostly because Henry absolutely loves panning for (fools) gold in the creek.  Also, Caroline loves riding the horses.

The girls went to ride the train while Henry and I, of course, panned for gold.

Caroline’s feet got cold a lot quicker than Henry’s.

Henry and I panned for gold for the same amount of time–he found like 20 pieces, including one huge one, and I found like two.  Not quite sure how, but apparently all his gold panning practice has paid off.

Accidental twinners.



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