Neighborhood Party

Posted by Adam on August 29, 2014
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We went to a neighborhood party (but not in our neighborhood) with Jen’s friend Eli.  Pretty festive with dinner, dessert, games, band, bounce house and dunk tank.








Caroline kept trying to take off her clothes so she could get dunked too.  She really wants to be a big kid.








Posted by Adam on August 24, 2014
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We took our annual “fishing trip” up to Cold Springs Trout Farm in Ogden (like we did last summer).  It was cold and rainy when we went, but we were already committed.  At least we had the run of the place. Caroline was much more interested in feeding the fish than actually using the fishing pole.  We got rained on, but we caught fish and no one fell in.






Then we further traumatized the poor fish by holding them for pictures (right before filleting them…).  Made for a good dinner on Saturday.





Becca turns 6

Posted by Adam on August 15, 2014
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Becca’s actual birthday was the same day as the wedding, so she was a little miffed to have to share.  Thankfully, my mom was in town for the wedding and helped Becca make her own birthday cake (a mermaid beach barbie cake, as requested by Becca).


Cousin Nicole’s Wedding

Posted by Adam on August 10, 2014
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My cousin Nicole got married last weekend in Brigham City.  The kids were pretty excited since I told them it would pretty much be an all day party.

Jen and my cousin Jess (the bride’s sister).


My mom and the kids.

Caroline eventually got sick of taking pictures and was reduced to being pouty and watching phone videos.

Everything was better once Caroline slept for half an hour in the car (while the other kids watched the same My Little Pony episodes, again) and we made it to lunch.

My and my grandma (from Nebraska).

Later that night we went to their wedding reception at the groom’s parents’ house in Liberty.

My mom and aunt (along with other conscripted help) made LOTS of these paper flowers for the reception decorations.

Cake and donuts.  The kids approved.

My grandma brought some of her homemade chocolates as well.

Caroline, Allison (cousin) and my Grandma.

Also had italian ice.  Again, kids were fans.

Going back for more deserts.




Pioneer Day part 2

Posted by Adam on August 3, 2014
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On the morning of the 24th (Pioneer Day), Jen’s parents went down really early to get us a parade.  A ridiculous number of people camp out on the side of the road all night to get their spot, so it’s good Jen’s parents found a good shady place.

Police motorcycles doing synchronized riding.

Thomas Monson.

Gary Herbert (Utah governor).

The t-rex float that Caroline was scared up when they went to see the floats beforehand.

After the parade (and naps), we went to This is the Place Heritage Park since that’s a very appropriate Pioneer Day activity.  Lots of people there.


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