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Caroline’s Birthday Party


Caroline wanted a carnival party.  Games (ring toss, beanbag toss, duck pond, etc.) and lots of treats.  And the bounce house!  Did I mention lots of treats?  My friend Lyndsay make the cake and cupcakes to look like popcorn–they’re actually covered in dyed-yellow marshmallows cut in half!IMG_7354



Henry supervising the duck pond.


Becca running the beanbag toss.




Bounce house.  I’m not sure Henry and Becca understand why the bounce house seems so much smaller than it used to.  We bought it when they were about 2 and 3; now they’re getting too big!



My mom sent this huge firework-candle thing that plays happy birthday.  Kind of like a bunch of sparklers stuck on a birthday cake.  It was a big hit.



Natural History Museum

Becca was at a birthday party and Caroline was napping; per Henry’s choice, we went to the Natural History Museum (after a few minutes of building legos).  The girls met us there after the birthday party was over.

All they really cared about was getting to the chocolate exhibit and buying “chocolate frogs”.

We spent a long time in the chocolate gift shop, but we eventually got our chocolate frogs (which are really just plain ol’ chocolate, but shaped like tiny frogs).

Finally eating the chocolate frogs once we made it out the museum proper and to the little cafe area.


Dr. Seuss Days

Becca had Dr. Seuss week at school.  Caroline thought it was pretty funny.

Henry didn’t get much Dr. Seuss, but we did go to the natural history museum with one of Henry’s friends.

Caroline did a good job making scary dinosaur faces.